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Registration & Requirements

Please submit tournament entry fees online via Advanced Event Systems (AES) (any applicable transaction fees are nonrefundable). We can no longer accept paper checks.

Registration Deadline - Teams registering or paying after this date will incur a $25 late fee.

Registration Closed Deadline - Teams registering or paying after this date will incur a $50 late fee.

Teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis once a team has completed all registration requirements, including payment.

  1. Register for the event on AES
  2. Submit entry fee payment through AES
  3. Submit AES online roster

Roots #1 (AM Wave)December 16, 2023Treehouse Gym13U, 15U$21512/01/23
Roots #1 (PM Wave)December 16, 2023Treehouse Gym14U$21512/01/23
Roots #2 (AM/PM Wave)January 6, 2024Treehouse Gym16U$21512/22/23
Roots #4 (AM Wave)January 27, 2024Treehouse Gym12U$21501/12/24
Roots #4 (PM Wave)January 27, 2024Treehouse Gym13U$21501/12/24
Roots #5 (AM Wave)February 10, 2024Treehouse Gym12U$21501/26/24
Roots #5 (PM Wave)February 10, 2024Treehouse Gym13U$21501/26/24
Roots #6 (AM Wave)February 24, 2024Treehouse Gym17U$21502/09/24
Roots #6 (PM Wave)February 24, 2024Treehouse Gym18U$21502/09/24
Roots #7 (AM Wave)March 2, 2024Treehouse Gym12U$21502/16/24
Roots #7 (PM Wave)March 2, 2024Treehouse Gym13U$21502/16/24
Roots #8 (AM Wave)March 23, 2024Treehouse Gym16U$21503/08/24
Roots #8 (PM Wave)March 23, 2024Treehouse Gym17U$21503/08/24
Roots #9 (AM Wave)March 30, 2024Treehouse Gym15U$21503/15/24
Roots #9 (PM Wave)March 30, 2024Treehouse Gym16U$21503/15/24
Pre-National Warm-up (AM Wave)June 8, 2024Treehouse Gym16U$21505/24/24
Pre-National Warm-up (PM Wave)June 8, 2024Treehouse Gym17U$21505/24/24


Treehouse Gym - 15407 Long Vista Drive, Austin, TX 78728