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Club Volleyball

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Club volleyball is for juniors in the Austin-area 9 to 18 years of age.  Club volleyball allows players of varying abilities to develop their volleyball skills through training and live competition. Players must attend a tryout and be selected to play for a team based upon skill, athletic ability, attitude, and potential. Roots Volleyball is a competitive club volleyball program with two locations (The Treehouse and Hill Country Indoor) and competes in the USAV Lone Star Region.

At Roots Volleyball we are committed to providing a safe environment, positive culture, and fun experience for all our players and their families. New parents typically weigh price and proximity high when choosing a club to join; however, after the first season they realize that culture, experience, and quality are the most important.  We also have an experienced staff committed to proving the best environment for our players to play and reach their goals. Roots Volleyball teams have a head coach and assistant coach (except local teams) and we are committed to providing our coaches with training, tools, and support to ensure every team's success. We also have two Recruiting Coordinators available at no additional charge for our athletes wanting to play at the next level.

All age groups (except 11U and 12U) have two tryout sessions that take place mid-summer. Tryout format consists of testing (approach touch, block touch, shuttle, etc.), position-specific skill testing, overall skill testing, and team competition evaluation. All players are evaluated on all skills. You will have the option to request a location preference (north or south) in the tryout registration. You may also choose “Either (Best Fit)” to have your player placed on the highest team to meet her needs and skill level at either location. We will have practice days and times available both north (The Treehouse) and south (HCI and St. Stephen's). Our 13U-18U top teams (Under Armour) may have split practices based on the overall geographic make-up of the team. 

Players will receive an email notification of their team placement following the last day of tryouts. Players and their family will have 24 hours after receiving the team invitation to sign-up for the club season.

The 11U and 12U tryouts will have one tryout session mid-summer and one the last week of November. The first session will result in invites to the program to guarantee your daughter a place within our program. We will place players on teams in the second session. We do our best to accept all players, but the numbers may not allow us to take everyone depending on the coaching staff and facility availability. Please reference tryout information for the 2020-2021 season.

During the tryout selection process, coaches evaluate all players and place them on teams appropriate for their level of ability. We work hard to place players in a position to increase their overall volleyball skills and have a successful season contributing to their team.

We have two full-time Recruiting Coordinators on staff for our players 15U-18U to assist with the entire recruiting process.  Roots Volleyball offers recruiting seminars, player one-on-one meetings, assistance with email communications with college coaches, access to highlight reel creation, and assistance through the University Athlete platform.  We are committed to finding the right home for each of our players who wish to play at the next level. Please see our Recruiting Coordinators' bios and contact information HERE.

Each regional and national team has 8-10 tournaments scheduled for the season. Local teams will have 5-6 tournaments.  One-day, Austin-area tournaments are typically from 8:00am-3:00pm or 3:00pm-9:00pm. Occasionally, your team will play in two-day, Austin-area tournaments that will follow the same morning or evening schedule for pool play and bracket play the second day. Out-of-state tournaments and Lone Star Classic (Dallas, Texas) are three-day tournaments which will include a Friday or Monday in addition to Saturday and Sunday.

Club volleyball season for regional teams begins at the end of November and runs through the middle of April or first week in May (depending on age group and team level). National teams attending USAV or AAU Girls’ Junior Nationals will follow the same schedule but then take a two-week break in May (following Lone Star Regionals).  They will continue their season through the end of June or first week of July (depending on age group). There are no mandatory practices during Christmas break, Spring Break, or the post-season break.

The rule of thumb is how old will your athlete be between July 1, 2019 and August 30, 2020.

That is the age group in which she should be trying out. Roots Volleyball also recommends players play with their grade for recruiting purposes if they are eligible to play for two age groups (i.e. It is recommended a 13U player in 8th grade plays 14U with her grade). Please reference USAV’s age chart HERE.


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The season fee differs from team to team due to level, travel, and age. Please reference the 2020-2021 season fees chart HERE.

The fees cover the cost of gym rental, equipment, USAV registration, tournament entry fees, coaches’ salaries, coaches’ travel, administrative fees, and equipment. All Roots Volleyball players 15U-18U will have access to two full-time college recruiting coordinators.

Season fees do not include player airfare, hotels, food, or any ground transportation to and from practice sessions and out-of-town tournaments. We do also have a full-time Travel Coordinator who is available to assist families with information about hotel reservations for “Stay and Play” tournaments. 

A non-refundable first payment of $750 (or $500 for local and 11U-12U players) is due within 24 hours following tryouts and team invitation emails for those selected to a Roots Volleyball team.  The remaining balance is spread out in monthly payments. Once accepting a spot on a team, the remaining balance of the dues is non-refundable. 

Roots Volleyball is committed to be a home for all players who wish to play (and make a team) regardless of financial status. If the cost of club volleyball is a prohibiting factor for participation, we have a work program combined with our financial aid application.  Please email Lindsay Rosenthal at lindsay@rootsvb.org to request a copy of our financial aid form.


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Schedules for the 2020-2021 season have not been sanctioned or finalized by USAV or the Lone Star Region. Final schedules should be confirmed and available to teams in mid-October. Once schedules are finalized, you will receive an email for Roots admin and be able to view your team's schedule by accessing your team page.

If you are unable to travel, you have the option of sending them with another family attending the same tournament or putting them on the same flight as your coach. Coaches will make sure to get players from the airplane to the hotel and from the hotel to the airplane in the absence of parents. Coaches are not responsible for any players at the hotel or during their down/free time. Please make sure to notify your coach and administrator that you need a flight travel companion for your daughter

All teams attending any in-state or out-of-state National Qualifiers will miss at least one day of school to participate (travel and or play). All Roots Volleyball teams (except local) attend the Lone Star Classic National Qualifier (Dallas, Texas) in April.


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Roots Volleyball believes playtime is important to each players’ overall growth. Players need to be able to apply the skills and fundamentals learned in practice to live match situations. We work hard with our coaches to make sure we are finding as much quality playing time as possible for each player.

Players’ season fees go towards time and instruction by qualified, experienced coaches. Fees do not go towards playtime in tournaments. Playing time is earned by being at practice, working hard to improve, and executing the skills.  Equal playing time is NOT guaranteed.

Coaches are advised to give everyone an opportunity to contribute their individual skills and abilities to the team during pool play matches. When teams advance past pool play, teams will tighten the line-up and play players who will put the team in the best position to be successful. Playing time amounts for all players is at the coaches’ discretion and may not be equal for all players.

We understand parents or players may not agree with all coaching decisions throughout the season and have questions. If an issue occurs, the first step is to have the player communicate with her coaches. If this does not resolve the issue, the second step is to set-up a meeting with the coaches, player, and parent. The final step is to set-up a meeting with a Director, coaches, player, and parents. There will not be any meetings without the player present. There will not be any meetings with a Director until steps one and two have been completed.

All players, parents, and coaches must adhere to a 48-hour rule: You must wait 48 hours until after tournament play has completed before emailing or calling in regard to playtime. Parents are strictly forbidden from approaching coaches before, during, or immediately after tournament play with playtime issues.


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If you are missing equipment or have damaged equipment, you need to contact Heather Anderson at heather@rootsvb.org. Any gear that is lost or needs to be replaced during the season, will be an additional charge for the player.

Roots Volleyball players will receive 2 practice shirts, 2 jerseys (1 for local teams), 1 sweatshirt, 1 pair of cover pants, 2 pairs of spandex, 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of shoes, 1 back pack, and 1 bag tag. Players are required to bring all issued gear with them to practice and tournaments. Players must only wear Roots Volleyball issued gear at tournaments.