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College Recruiting

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We are committed to finding a home for every player who would like to play at the next level. Each athlete could find a good fit for them anywhere from a club level team to the highest level of Division I national contenders.  Roots has two dedicated recruiting coordinators to help you navigate your journey through the recruiting process and into your experiences beyond high school.  We pride ourselves on helping our athletes set realistic expectations and set their sights on a good college fit for them.  Please contact either below for more information.

Recruiting Coordinators

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  • Thompson copy 2

    Lindsay Thompson

    Recruiting Coordinator 

  • image-asset

    Lauren Hansen

    Recruiting Coorinator


  • 17UAGreen121

    Olivia Adair

    Texas State

  • 17UAGreen162

    Kacy Miller

    Southwestern Univ.

  • 17UAGreen018

    Brooke Jeffrey

    Sacred Heart Univ.

  • 17UAGreen109

    Sadie Swift

    Univ. of North Carolina

  • Image 4-13-21 at 5.21 PM

    Samantha Wunsch

    Texas State

  • 17UAGreen134

    Iliana Linahan

    University of Utah

  • 16UA006 copy

    Kasen Rosenthal

    University of Connecticut

  • 18UA004 copy

    Ayisha Adekanmbi

    Nyack College

  • Picture1

    Ryan Drake

    Pacific Univ - Forest Grove


First NameLast NameTeamHandBlock TouchApproach TouchSchool (Fall 2021)Grad YearPrimary Position
KateAlex18 Under Armour Green (National)9'6"9'8"Cedar Park High school2022Outside Hitter
KennediBray18 Under Armour Green (National)9'4"9'9"McNeil2022Outside Hitter
MarinaCrownover18 Under Armour Green (National)9'0"9'6"Lake Travis2022Setter
LaineeRoberts18 Under Armour Green (National)Cedar Park2022Outside Hitter
NykeriahAllen18 Under Armour Blue (National)7'8"9'11"Stony Point High School 2022Middle Hitter
EmilyCorder18 Under Armour Blue (National)LaVernia High School2022Libero/DS
ErinFagan18 Under Armour Blue (National)Westwood High School2022Outside Hitter
ChamberlinFarley18 Under Armour Blue (National)8'10"9'2"Hyde Park High School2022Middle Hitter
IsabellaHunstock18 Under Armour Blue (National)9'1"9'8"Tom Glenn High School2022Outside Hitter
AubreyJackson18 Under Armour Blue (National)Right Handed8'3"9'1"Northeast Early College High School2022Setter
LylaJones18 Under Armour Blue (National)Right Handed8'10"9'1"Jack C Hays High School2022Setter
CaydenMoses18 Under Armour Blue (National)8'8"9'1"Hendrickson High School 2022Libero/DS
AshleySalas18 Under Armour Blue (National)8'10"9'6"Bowie High School2022Outside Hitter
PreslieTingler18 Under Armour Blue (National)8'8"8'11"Stony point2022Setter
ReaganAndrews18 Maple (Regional)Left Handed8'4"8'9"Liberty Hill High School2023Libero/DS
LeilaCooks18 Maple (Regional)8'7"8'11"COPPERAS COVE HIGHSCHOOL2023Libero/DS
AaliyahDokes18 Maple (Regional)Hutto High2022Outside Hitter
MaceyFrancis18 Maple (Regional)LBJ High School2022Setter
AlexandraJensen18 Maple (Regional)Ann Richards2022Libero/DS
LaurenQuinn18 Maple (Regional)8'7"8'9"McNeil2022Outside Hitter
KirstynReyes18 Maple (Regional)8'3"8'5"Burnet High School2022Libero/DS
KiaraShank18 Maple (Regional)8'7"8'10"NYOS Charter School 2022Outside Hitter
JakhiSmith18 Maple (Regional)8'11"8'11"Copperas Cove High School2023Setter
CameronBradley17 Under Armour Green (National)Round Rock High School2024Libero/DS
NiaCummings17 Under Armour Green (National)Cedar Park High School 2023Middle Hitter
MadisonDisu17 Under Armour Green (National)9'2"9'9"Hays High School2023Middle Hitter
MeganDisu17 Under Armour Green (National)9'3"9'10"Hays High School2023Outside Hitter
EvieNaumann17 Under Armour Green (National)9'7"9'9"Westlake High School 2023Outside Hitter
KelliNorthup17 Under Armour Green (National)9'0"9'3"Round Rock Christian Academy2023Setter
MorganPoulain17 Under Armour Green (National)Right HandedLiberty Hill High School2023Middle Hitter
TanonRosenthal17 Under Armour Green (National)9'4"9'8"Austin High2023Setter
CameronShelly17 Under Armour Green (National)9'3"9'6"Westlake High School2023Setter
AbbyTeel17 Under Armour Green (National)8'6"9'0"Lake Travis High School2023Libero/DS
McKennaVillalobos17 Under Armour Green (National)8'5"9'7"St Michaels Catholic Academy2023Outside Hitter
EmmaWegner17 Under Armour Green (National)9'3"9'6"Dripping Springs High School 2023Middle Hitter
JoelleAndrien17 Under Armour Blue (National)Right HandedWestlake Highschool2023Middle Hitter
ClaireBauer17 Under Armour Blue (National)9'2"9'6"Anderson High School2023Right Side Hitter
BellaBriceno17 Under Armour Blue (National)8'9"Jack C. Hays High School2023Libero/DS
AveryJohnson17 Under Armour Blue (National)8'6"8'9"Round Rock High School2023Libero/DS
DeAnnaLange17 Under Armour Blue (National)Right HandedCedar Ridge High School2023Setter
KyraLitchfield17 Under Armour Blue (National)8'11"9'3"Hyde Park High School2023Libero/DS
IsobelRyther17 Under Armour Blue (National)Right HandedAnn Richards School2023Setter
TaliaTamez17 Under Armour Blue (National)9'4"9'6"Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders2023Middle Hitter
MeganTucker17 Under Armour Blue (National)8'8"9'3"Leander HS2023Outside Hitter
RomyWalker17 Under Armour Blue (National)9'1"9'4"Lake Travis High School2023Outside Hitter
KateDavis17 Maple (Regional)Round Rock High School2023Setter
BierynElliott17 Maple (Regional)8'6"8'11"Elgin HS2023Setter
LenaGeerts17 Maple (Regional)Ann Richards School FYWL2023Middle Hitter
ChelseaGo17 Maple (Regional)Weiss HS2023Libero/DS
AinsleyHarlan17 Maple (Regional)Cedar Park High School2023Right Side Hitter
HanaPatterson17 Maple (Regional)Cedar Ridge2023Middle Hitter
AudreyPlummer17 Maple (Regional)Right HandedElgin HighSchool2023Outside Hitter
HayleeRandall17 Maple (Regional)Right HandedMarble Falls High School2023Outside Hitter
JordanStratton17 Maple (Regional)8'5"8'10"Liberty Hill High School2023Outside Hitter
ElenaBaucage17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'0"8'11"Westlake High2023Outside Hitter
CassidyDenton17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'8"9'0"Westwood2023Outside Hitter
JoslynnGarcia17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Right HandedAustin High2023Setter
AubryGlenn17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)7'11"8'4"Lake Travis High School2023Libero/DS
KaievaJack17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Westlake High School2023Outside Hitter
EmilyKihlberg17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Lake Travis HS2023Middle Hitter
BryleighMoon17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'5"8'9"Lake Travis High School2023Libero/DS
BlytheRhodes17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'4"8'4"Lake Travis2023Right Side Hitter
JizelleSchubert17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'2"8'11"Hyde Park Schools2023Unsure
EllaSegars17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)7'11"Hyde Park2023Middle Hitter
VaughnVandegrift17 Hickory (Hybrid-National)McCallum2023Middle Hitter
AshlynnAxtell16 Under Armour Green (National)9'1"9'8"Anderson High School2024Middle Hitter
AlexBeauchamp16 Under Armour Green (National)Vandegrift high school2024Outside Hitter
JuliaHopkins16 Under Armour Green (National)8'9"9'5"Westwood High School 2024Outside Hitter
OliviaMaib16 Under Armour Green (National)Cedar Park High School2024Setter
SarahPettinato16 Under Armour Green (National)St. Dominic Savio 2024Libero/DS
MiaRojas-Avila16 Under Armour Green (National)9'1"Vandegrift High School2024Right Side Hitter
KathrynShelton16 Under Armour Green (National)9'5"Lake Travis 2024Middle Hitter
MadelineStuesser16 Under Armour Green (National)8'11"9'4"Anderson High School2024Setter
EleanorThiel16 Under Armour Green (National)Right Handed8'6"8'10"Round Rock HS2024Libero/DS
AvaWind16 Under Armour Green (National)8'6"8'10"Glenn High School2024Libero/DS
LanaWright16 Under Armour Green (National)Manor Early College High School2024Middle Hitter
ErinBamburg16 Under Armour Blue (National)8'4"8'10"Round Rock2024Outside Hitter
HannahBergfeld16 Under Armour Blue (National)8'10"9'1"St. Michaelâ??s Catholic Academy2024Outside Hitter
KylieCunningham16 Under Armour Blue (National)9'1"9'9"Cedar Ridge High School2023Outside Hitter
AveryDowning16 Under Armour Blue (National)8'9"Austin High2024Setter
CatonFirkins16 Under Armour Blue (National)9'6"10'1"Vista Ridge High School2024Right Side Hitter
OliviaHendricks16 Under Armour Blue (National)Right Handed8'6"9'0"Westwood Highschool2024Middle Hitter
ChloeLott16 Under Armour Blue (National)9'2"9'0"Leander High School2024Right Side Hitter
KenzieMcElroy16 Under Armour Blue (National)Right HandedWestwood High School2024Outside Hitter
AleidaMoreno16 Under Armour Blue (National)8'3"8'8"Austin High School2024Libero/DS
Lily KathrynVallilee16 Under Armour Blue (National)St. Michael�¢??s Catholic Academy 2024Middle Hitter
KateZigrossi16 Under Armour Blue (National)8'0"9'0"Online2024Setter
MabryAdair16 Pecan (Regional)MCCallum2023Libero/DS
MackenzieBaker16 Pecan (Regional)Vista Ridge2024Setter
SydneyBallew16 Pecan (Regional)7'2"Sydney Ballew 2024Middle Hitter
KatherineDugan16 Pecan (Regional)Anderson High School2024Middle Hitter
MarleyDunahoo16 Pecan (Regional)Hendrickson HS2024Libero/DS
AnnaLanford16 Pecan (Regional)8'5"8'7"Pflugerville High School2024Right Side Hitter
SydneyOaks16 Pecan (Regional)Lake Travis High School2024Middle Hitter
MadelynOno16 Pecan (Regional)Right HandedAnn Richards School2024Setter
EmersonParker16 Pecan (Regional)8'5"8'7"McNeil High School 2024Setter
SadieShelton16 Pecan (Regional)Right HandedMcCallum High School2024Outside Hitter
Mary AliceWhite16 Pecan (Regional)Hyde Park2025Libero/DS
AmeliaFroderman16 Mesquite (Regional)8'6"8'3"Round Rock 2024Outside Hitter
MadelineJohnson16 Mesquite (Regional)Leander High2024Outside Hitter
AvaKyler16 Mesquite (Regional)Austin High2024Libero/DS
AbbyLovelace16 Mesquite (Regional)Hyde Park High School2024Outside Hitter
AvaMitchell16 Mesquite (Regional)Right HandedStony Point High School2024Setter
CassyPoteet16 Mesquite (Regional)8'4"8'7"Ellison HS2024Setter
SamanthaReif16 Mesquite (Regional)Cedar Ridge High School2024Libero/DS
KamrynShelton16 Mesquite (Regional)Georgetown High School2024Outside Hitter
AveryanaVillalpando16 Mesquite (Regional)7'10"8'4"Round Rock High School2024Libero/DS
CharleyWalker16 Mesquite (Regional)Right Handed8'5"8'10"Gateway College Prep2024Outside Hitter
MakaylaWilliams16 Mesquite (Regional)8'6"10'1"Homeschool-Schoolhouse/Austin Royals 2024Right Side Hitter
JadeAlderete16 Maple (Regional)8'2"8'6"cedar ridge high school2024Setter
KristinBruce16 Maple (Regional)9'0"9'2"McNeil2024Outside Hitter
BriannaBryant16 Maple (Regional)Right HandedWeiss High school2024Libero/DS
RemiEdwards16 Maple (Regional)Vista Ridge High School2024Right Side Hitter
KenziKallman16 Maple (Regional)Left Handed8'3"9'0"Georgetown 2024Right Side Hitter
LillyKostroun16 Maple (Regional)8'6"Liberty Hill High School2024Outside Hitter
MiaPerez16 Maple (Regional)Hendrickson High School2024Libero/DS
AnnieSchmidt16 Maple (Regional)Round Rock High School2024Setter
TinleySchoss16 Maple (Regional)7'5"7'8"McNeil2024Outside Hitter
HavenTijerina16 Maple (Regional)Right HandedROUND ROCK HIGH SCHOOL2024Outside Hitter
EllahWambach16 Maple (Regional)Meridian 2024Outside Hitter
SadieHeidger16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Vandegrift2025Outside Hitter
BlakeHendley16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Right HandedBowie High School2024Outside Hitter
LorenJones16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'1"8'6"Vandegrift HS2024Libero/DS
HaleyJudd16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Vandegrift 2024Middle Hitter
ElleLustina16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)7'4"7'4"Westlake2024Outside Hitter
ArabellaMcKnight16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Liberty Hill High School2024Outside Hitter
JennaNattinger16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Waterloo School Austin2024Outside Hitter
ReeseRamsey16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Westlake HS2024Setter
RyanSlack16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'6"8'8"Lake Travis High School2024Libero/DS
LilyUrano16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'1"St. Michael's Catholic Academy2024Right Side Hitter
KateWestmoreland16 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Right Handed8'0"8'3"Wimberley High School 2024Libero/DS
KristiBishop15 Under Armour Green (National)Vandegrift High School2025Libero/DS
GretaCarlson15 Under Armour Green (National)McCallum High School2025Middle Hitter
TaylorGaines15 Under Armour Green (National)9'2"9'6"Liberty Hill High School2025Right Side Hitter
MikaylaGray15 Under Armour Green (National)Early College High School2025Setter
AvaHight15 Under Armour Green (National)LIBERTY HILL HIGHT SCHOOL2025Setter
AvaKostroun15 Under Armour Green (National)9'4"Liberty Hill High School2025Middle Hitter
SahasraMandalapu15 Under Armour Green (National)Right HandedWestwood High School2025Libero/DS
JaceyMoulton15 Under Armour Green (National)Right Handed8'9"9'3"Founders Classical School 2025Outside Hitter
AveryPlace15 Under Armour Green (National)Vista Ridge High School2025Middle Hitter
NatalieSt.Clair15 Under Armour Green (National)9'2"9'7"Rouse High School2025Middle Hitter
AdelynWatkins15 Under Armour Green (National)9'0"9'6"Gateway College Prep2025Outside Hitter
AnnieWitt15 Under Armour Green (National)Liberty Hill High School2025Outside Hitter
MacieAtkinson15 Under Armour Blue (National)7'9"8'1"Hutto High2025Libero/DS
BaileyDearmon15 Under Armour Blue (National)8'10"9'0"Hutto High2025Right Side Hitter
BrynleyGage15 Under Armour Blue (National)Vandegrift2025Outside Hitter
CarolineHoward15 Under Armour Blue (National)8'6"8'11"Vista Ridge High School2025Setter
JulianaJosephs15 Under Armour Blue (National)LASA2025Outside Hitter
HailieLevy15 Under Armour Blue (National)Liberty Hill High School2025Right Side Hitter
AvaMoncada15 Under Armour Blue (National)Westwood High School2025Middle Hitter
SaschaOstrowski15 Under Armour Blue (National)8'8"9'2"Vista Ridge HS2025Middle Hitter
KateParrish15 Under Armour Blue (National)Vandegrift HS2025Libero/DS
HaileePerry15 Under Armour Blue (National)Right HandedMidway HS (Waco)2025Setter
MarleeWhitford15 Under Armour Blue (National)Anderson High School2025Middle Hitter
MadelineDano15 Pecan (Regional)8'5"8'10"Ellison High School2025Libero/DS
CarysDeCrane15 Pecan (Regional)7'3"8'2"LASA2026Right Side Hitter
FrancesGeerts15 Pecan (Regional)Right HandedAnn Richards 2025Setter
AddisonHuffman15 Pecan (Regional)Burnet High School2025Outside Hitter
LaneyHuffman15 Pecan (Regional)Burnet High School2025Outside Hitter
SophieKoch15 Pecan (Regional)8'5"McCallum2025Outside Hitter
RachelMapes15 Pecan (Regional)8'5"9'0"Vandergrift 2025Right Side Hitter
RobynMassey15 Pecan (Regional)7'11"8'6"Burnet High School2025Setter
CecilianaPena15 Pecan (Regional)MCNEIL HIGH SCHOOL2024Outside Hitter
TaylorThiemer15 Pecan (Regional)9'5"9'5"Westwood high school2025Libero/DS
ReeseWalker15 Pecan (Regional)7'11"8'2"Lake Travis High School2025Libero/DS
MadelynFlorence15 Oak (Local)Eastview High School2025Right Side Hitter
AnnieGravatt15 Oak (Local)8'2"8'7"Hyde Park High School2025Libero/DS
EmmyKing15 Oak (Local)Westwood Highschool2025Libero/DS
AleeyahLadd15 Oak (Local)Liberty Hill High School 2025Middle Hitter
KierstinMarich15 Oak (Local)Hyde Park High School2025Setter
TateMcCarthy15 Oak (Local)8'0"7'9"westwood high school2025Libero/DS
AribaMohammed15 Oak (Local)Brentwood Christian School2025Setter
AbbyRichards15 Oak (Local)Bridgeway Academy (Homeschool) - Austin Royals2025Libero/DS
SiennaRush15 Oak (Local)O'Henry Middle School2026Libero/DS
SatyaRuss15 Oak (Local)8'2"7'11"McCallum2025Unsure
KatieThiel15 Oak (Local)8'5"Westwood High School 2025Middle Hitter
RanniahBarlow15 Mesquite (Regional)9'5"Manor High School 2024Outside Hitter
NyeimaEscobar15 Mesquite (Regional)Homeschool2025Right Side Hitter
DebbieFarrugia15 Mesquite (Regional)Right HandedWestwood HS2023Libero/DS
KailerGardner15 Mesquite (Regional)DRIPPING SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL2025Middle Hitter
BrookeGonzales15 Mesquite (Regional)Dripping Springs 2025Libero/DS
MoliLee15 Mesquite (Regional)9'0"9'0"Harker Heights High School2025Outside Hitter
ClaireNix15 Mesquite (Regional)Anderson High2025Outside Hitter
EmersonParker15 Mesquite (Regional)Round Rock High School2025Outside Hitter
ZuriRuffin15 Mesquite (Regional)8'3"8'6"Georgetown High School2025Setter
SamanthaSinitsky15 Mesquite (Regional)7'8"8'3"Westwood 2025Outside Hitter
AlyWoodford15 Mesquite (Regional)Right Handed8'11"Hill Country Christian School of Austin2025Libero/DS
MiraAhmed15 Maple (National)Vandegrift High School2025Libero/DS
SophiaEllis15 Maple (National)Vandegrift2025Libero/DS
AryannaGonzalez15 Maple (National)7'4"7'6"Ellison High School 2025Setter
BaileyHall15 Maple (National)Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy2025Setter
KylieHutchinson15 Maple (National)8'1"Liberty Hill High School2024Libero/DS
NasyaMcGinnis15 Maple (National)8'3"8'7"Harker Heights High School2025Outside Hitter
CharlotteSaltzman15 Maple (National)Right HandedTrinity Episcopal2026Outside Hitter
EmoryVanDeWalle15 Maple (National)8'5"8'10"Vandegrift High School2025Outside Hitter
KemaniWashington15 Maple (National)8'1"8'3"Ellison High School2025Middle Hitter
KaleighWelch15 Maple (National)Rouse High School2025Libero/DS
VioletCrosby15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Left Handed9'0"9'5"Austin High2025Right Side Hitter
CarolineJohnson15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Austin High School2025Setter
EllaJohnson15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Austin High School2025Setter
LoLoJose15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Right HandedLake Travis High School2025Libero/DS
AlexaJung15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'3"8'9"Vandegrift 2025Outside Hitter
JulesLaRock15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)8'8"Dripping Springs High School2025Libero/DS
SkyeStanford15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Anderson High School2025Outside Hitter
KarlinStansbury15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Austin High2025Setter
HannahStreater15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Left HandedAustin High2025Libero/DS
BaileySullivan15 Hickory (Hybrid-National)Regents School of Austin2025Outside Hitter

Recruiting NEws

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Ryan Drake Commits to Pacific, Forest Grove!

Roots Volleyball athlete, Ryan Drake, has committed to continue her volleyball career at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Ryan has been a part of the Roots Volleyball (formerly Texas Eclipse) organization for three seasons and played for Austin High School on both their JV and Varsity teams. She will graduate from Texas Tech High…

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Iliana Linahan Commits to University of Utah!

Congratulations to Roots Volleyball athlete, Iliana Linahan, who has committed to play volleyball at the University of Utah. Iliana is currently in her second season as part of the Roots Volleyball family and will be graduating from Vandegrift High School in 2022. Iliana has been a vital part in the success of every team that…

Learn More

Samantha Wunsch Commits to Texas State University!

We are so excited to announce that Roots Volleyball athlete, Samantha Wunsch, has committed to play volleyball at Texas State University. Sam has been a part of the Roots family (formerly Texas Eclipse) since her 14s year and we have loved having the opportunity to watch her grow as an athlete and a teammate. Sam…

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Kasen Rosenthal Commits to UConn!

Roots Volleyball is proud to announce Kasen Rosenthal’s commitment to play collegiately at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. Kasen will graduate from Austin High School in 2022 and this will be Kasen’s second season with the Roots Volleyball family. Kasen has led three of her past club teams to a USAV Girls’ Junior…

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Sadie Swift Commits to University of North Carolina!

We are proud to announce that Roots Volleyball athlete, Sadie Swift, has committed to play volleyball at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Sadie made an immediate positive impact on the Roots Volleyball program when she joined her 16’s year and has helped lead the 17 Under Armour Green team to a recent…

Learn More

Brooke Jeffrey Commits to Sacred Heart University!

We are so excited to announce that Roots 18 Under Armour Green athlete, Brooke Jeffrey, has committed to play volleyball at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Brooke has been part of the Roots family for three years and currently plays Varsity volleyball at Austin High School. Brooke has been an integral part of her…

Learn More

Kacy Miller Commits to Southwestern University!

We are so happy to announce that Roots 18 Under Armour Blue athlete, Kacy Miller, has committed to play volleyball at Southwestern University in Georgetown. Kacy has been part of the Roots family for three years. “I am very excited for Kacy as Southwestern is getting a steady, high-performing player who loves the game of…

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Olivia Adair Commits to Texas State!

We are so excited to announce that Roots Volleyball athlete, Olivia Adair, has committed to play volleyball at Texas State University in San Marcos. We have been lucky to have Olivia as an integral part of our program for the past two seasons. Olivia is going into her 18’s season on the Roots 18 Under…

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Ayisha Adekanmbi Commits to Nyack College!

Roots Volleyball is very proud to announce Ayisha Adekanmbi’s commitment to play collegiately at Nyack College in New York City, New York. Ayisha will graduate from Stony Point High School in 2021. This will be Ayisha’s second season with the Roots Volleyball family and second season to play for Coach Korinne on 18 Under Armour….

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