About Us

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Originally founded as Texas Eclipse Volleyball by Greg Watts in 2003, Roots Volleyball continues the tradition of developing volleyball players at all skill levels in an environment that is positive for all players, parents, and coaches. Our coaches have always had a passion for developing athletes into superstar young women while keeping their focus on faith, family, and community.

The two stated goals for each player since the early days of our organization are to make them better volleyball players and to do our part to make sure they enjoy the game more at the end of the season than at the beginning. While we have grown to be one of the largest, most successful organizations in the nation we approach every athlete, every team, and every season with the same two goals.

Our Mission

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Roots Volleyball believes in individual excellence and enriching human character. Our goal is to guide our athletes through their development process, shaping their character with a positive attitude and determination.  Roots expects its athletes to work to the best of their abilities with integrity and teamwork to effectively lead themselves and others to achieve their highest goals.

Our mission is to empower athletes of all ages and abilities through the sport of volleyball.