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COVID-19 Roots Volleyball Updates

(Updated March 20th)

On March 19th, USA Volleyball extended (previously March 29th) their removal of  sanctioning for all USA Volleyball activities through Wednesday, April 15th. It is our priority to ensure the safety and welfare of all our athletes, families, and coaching staff. Roots Volleyball is canceling all sanctioned competition through April 15th.

As we all watch the news, we know that this situation is constantly evolving and changing.  Being eternal optimists, we hope that we are able to start practices back up mid-April. We are committed to keeping our Roots Volleyball family informed, so this page will be updated frequently with details and answers as we have them. Since there are many details to work through over the next few weeks, we ask for your patience in navigating this whole situation.  If you have questions, please check back here.  We will update answers to the FAQs below as quickly as we have them, but may not send email notifications for every question we receive.  

Please see answers below to questions we have already received:


What events are canceled?

All Roots Volleyball practices, lessons, tournaments, trainings, and programming are canceled through Wednesday, April  15th. USA Volleyball has eliminated the sanctioning of all USAV events including but not limited to events, practices, individual training sessions, clinics, and anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance. 

We will update our families as more information becomes available. 


Will I receive a credit?

Again, as eternal optimists we hope that everything gets contained, fears settle down, and we are able to resume normal activities soon.  We also hope we are able to fill in with make-up practices and fill-in tournaments through the end of June.  Our primary goals are to provide great volleyball training and a family-like team relationship for your daughter.  If we can still provide that — even if on a different time table — we will.  This is a fluid situation and we know we will owe everyone credit if events cannot be made up or replaced, but we will not do a final accounting until the end of the season.  Thank you for your patience as we work though all this confusion.


What tournaments are canceled/rescheduled?

As of now, cancellations/reschedules include:

  • Colorado Crossroads (3/14-16) - canceled

  • AP #6 (3/14) - canceled

  • ASC #3 (3/14) - canceled

  • 18s Lone Star Regionals (3/21-22) - canceled

  • Spring Fling (3/28) - canceled

  • Central Texas Power League #4 (3/28-29) - canceled

  • Show Me National Qualifier (Week 1: 3/28-30) - Rescheduled 5/16-18

  • Show Me National Qualifier (Week 2: 4/3-5) - Rescheduled 5/22-24

  • Eclipse #7 (4/4)  - canceled

  • Lone Star Warm-up (4/4-5)  - canceled

  • Lone Star Classic (Week 1: 4/4-6) - postponed to May 23-25 -- 11s, 12s, 13s, 14CS

  • Lone Star Classic (Week 2: 4/10-12) - postponed to May 29-21 -- 14AOU, 15ACS, 16ACS

  • Stay in Texas (4/10-11) - canceled

  • Lone Star Classic (Week 3: 4/17-19) - postponed to June 5-7 -- 15OU, 16OU, 17s

For additional  information and updates on the upcoming National Qualifiers, please click the button below to go directly or the USAV website. 

Texas Eclipse Volleyball is now Roots Volleyball!  We will not forget our past as it’s the foundation and ROOTS from which we will grow.  This name change is a celebration of our past and will help us move the program toward a fresh new future, while keeping the ROOTS that were planted, nurtured, and cultivated by many members (players, families, and coaches) of this family for the past 16 seasons. We will also continue to be rooted to our family, community, and faith in order to provide a safe, positive training foundation in which our young athletes will thrive.

Our ROOTS run deep in this family. Just watch us grow!