Stacy Haberstroh

12-2 Blue - Head Coach


Coach Fun Facts

  • Born in Minnesota
  • Favorite holiday is Christmas
  • Has a dog named Kevin
  • From the same town as Post Malone
  • Peanut M&M’s are her favorite

Coach Bio

This season (2023-2024) Stacy Hoberstroh is the head coach for Roots Volleyball’s second 12s team – 12-2 Blue.

Stacy was born in Minnesota, and shortly after moved to Dallas, Texas. Stacy got her start at volleyball in the 4th grade and was on her first club team in 8th grade. She played high school volleyball at Colleyville Heritage High School. Despite being 5’5, Stacy has played every position on the court, including middle blocker.

After high school, Stacy attended Texas A&M University and earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Stacy lives in Austin, Texas, and works as a Staff Educator at The Source where she equips and empowers students with information and practical tools to delay sexual activity and build healthy relationships.

This coached three seasons with TCS Volleyball. Last season (2022-2023) Stacy was the head coach for Roots Volleyball’s second 12s team – 12 Maple. The previous season (2021-2022) Stacy Hoberstroh was the head coach for Roots Volleyball’s fifth 13s team – 13 Pecan. This will be her 3rd season coaching with the Roots Volleyball family.