Montana Duncan

15-4 Mesquite - Assistant Coach


Coach Fun Facts

  • Was a competitive snowboarder
  • Broken 10+ bones (mostly from snowboarding)
  • Missing two fingers (left hand) from a childhood accident
  • Kissed on her forehead from Prince in 1992
  • Spent December 31, 1999 at the pyramids in Egypt

Coach Bio

This season (2024-2025) Montana Duncan is the assistant coach for Roots Volleyball’s fourth 15s team – 15-4 Mesquite.

Montana was born in Havre, MT and attended Conrad High School. She graduated in 1989 earning Dean’s List honors. Montana continued her education at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. Montana graduated 1993 with a Pre-Law degree. She double majored in Political Science and English Writing.

Last season (2023-2024) Montana assisted 12-1 Green who medaled in 5 tournaments, narrowly missed qualifying at Lone Star Classic (4th place), and had a strong finish at Lone Star Regionals. Previously Montana coached two school seasons.

Montana coaches girls’ volleyball because she is passionate about empowering young athletes and fostering their development both on and off the court. Volleyball is not just a game; it’s a platform for building life skills such as teamwork, resilience, communication, and leadership. She finds immense joy in helping players realize their potential, gain confidence, and achieve their goals. Moreover, coaching girls specifically allows Montana to contribute to gender equity in sports, providing a supportive environment where they can thrive and excel. Witnessing their growth, from mastering fundamental skills to overcoming challenges, is incredibly rewarding. She is committed to creating a positive, inclusive, and encouraging atmosphere where each player feels valued and motivated to give their best. Ultimately, Montana’s goal as a coach is to inspire and guide young athletes, helping them to become not only better volleyball players but also confident and capable individuals.

Montana is the Director of Legal for a software company. She resides in Cedar Park with her husband (Corey), their 2 high school kids (Gianna and Rocco), and two dogs (Thor and Molly). This is Montana’s 2nd season coaching with the Roots Volleyball family.