14-1 Green - Assistant Coach


Coach Fun Facts

  • Won 100K on America’s Funniest Videos when she was 3
  • Can cross her eyes and move them in opposite directions
  • Has delivered 3 baby horses (owns 6)
  • Enjoys racing and training barrel racing horses
  • Has started 3 businesses since the age of 15

Coach Bio

This season (2023-2024) Mica Rucker is the assistant coach for Roots Volleyball’s top 14s team – 14-1 Green.

In her first season with Roots Volleyball (2020-2021), Mica served as the head coach for 15 Pecan and assistant for 14 Pecan. The following season (2021-2022) Mica head coached 15 Mesquite and assisted 15 Under Armour Green and 12 Maple. Last season Mica was the head coach for 13 Maple and 15 Pecan. Mica is dedicated to seeing her teams grow and succeed on and off the court, she spends numerous hours in the gym, at tournaments, and team bondings with her teams.

Mica is a Texas native, who grew up playing volleyball in Round Rock, Texas. Mica attended Texas A&M University where she earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Science and Education. After college, she developed a love for coaching and became the head coach for a private school in Leander, Texas.

In her spare time, Mica enjoys spending time with her horses, designing and selling homes, reading, cooking, and entertaining her friends. This will be Mica’s 4th season coaching with the Roots Volleyball family.