Leah van der Sanden

14-4 Mesquite - Head Coach


Coach Fun Facts

  • Bilingual
  • Has dual citizenship (Netherlands and USA)
  • Terrified of birds
  • Designs and builds furniture as a hobby
  • Allergic to bananas

Coach Bio

This season (2023-2024) Leah van der Sanden is the head coach for Roots Volleyball’s fourth 14s team – 14-4 Mesquite.

Leah was born in Denver, Colorado and attended Cherokee Trail High School. During her junior season she led her team to a first-place finish at Colorado’s 5A State Championship. She earned honors as MIP and then MVP her senior season. Leah graduated in 2017 and continued her education and playing career at Illinois Tech and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Leah led her Illinois Tech and Eindhoven University of Technology team to the Netherlands Nevobo Division 2 Championship with team HAJRAA. She graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and she minored in Sustainability. Leah graduated cum laude with an award in visual excellence.

Previously, Leah served one season as an assistant coach for the men’s promotion class in the Netherlands. She works as an architectural designer and lives in Austin. This is Leah’s first season coaching with the Roots Volleyball family.